From my early years printing Bode and B-boy characters from old graffiti magazines, it was another 4 years or so until I began printing stickers for all of my friends and peers... and eventually a large portion of the UK. It’s a fantastic example that passion and hard work will always prevail - Grey Jam Press started from a place of joy and sharing and I’m proud to say that this remains a key part of the the mission!

We’ve come a long way from printing in my grandmas shed and since then we’ve worked on some fantastic projects, each snowballing to bigger and more amazing opportunities. Throughout this time we’ve always maintained our efforts to support the visual arts scene that we grew from.

Low cost gang-runs, deals, giveaways and employing our peers... we are really about it! And I’m certain these are just some of the main reasons that we continue to lead this industry celebrating creativity and introducing new services and initiatives to help grow our scene!

So here we are, Bristol bound and sound!

2021, Still hand screen printing stickers and still producing high quality art prints. We’ve printed for a looong list of clients, brands, bands, small and large companies, all types of artists and so much more...

Here’s a few of our favourites... We look forward to adding you to the list 😀