I first stumbled across screen printing in 2008 when I was around 18 in my first year at South Themes college in Wandsworth. Being heavily influenced by graffiti, I started off by printing ripped off bode and b boy characters taken out of old graff magazines I had at my mum’s, printing them on to old hoodies, t-shirts and random bits of paper generally just making a mess. Moving forward a few years later to 2012 after being submerged within graffiti, getting up to no good and just being a general nonsense, I decided to pull my finger out and attempt to start screen printing as a hobby.

So I started my first screen printing company called CopyEm around the middle of 2012 in my grandparents shed at the back of there garden HA. Printing crew t-shirts, characters, all that sort of stuff and also stickers (not that I never saw any potential future in that at all). Fully winging it D.I.Y, learning every step of the way, making so many mistakes its unreal. After messing around in the garden for a couple of years I ended up getting arrested for conspiracy to commit criminal damage, which resulted in my mum’s and grandparents houses being raided, which lead to me losing phones, computers and anything else they thought was worth taking for evidence, which was the death of CopyEm due to losing everything I had built and stupidly not backing anything up… I know, dickhead.

After being on bail for over two years in and out of interviews with BTP’s finest, I finally received no further action and the case was dropped, which lead on to 2015 when I was 25 and finally realized after my countless arrests and cases, it was time to get my head down and grow up a little bit so I decided to start Grey Jam. Which lead me back to my grandmas shed where I started out screen printing vinyl stickers and egg shell stickers along with paper prints. within the first year of starting Grey Jam I was asked to take part at ‘Pick Me Up’ graphic arts festival which lead on to a whole heap of other amazing shows and working with some incredible people and brands.

And now here I am, over 4 years later now in Bristol still hand screen printing stickers and producing high quality digital stickers for a long list of clients, along with focusing more on artists prints and garment printing.

You can view some of our previous clients below.